What We Do

What We Do

We collaborate on the design, implementation, research and best practices in complementary currency systems. We’re a cross-disciplinary network of mutually-supportive monetary change makers. Read more about us.

News & Events

News & Events

September 26, 2015. Reinvent.Money. On the Future of Money at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Speakers: Max Keiser, Liberland, Joris Luyendijk, Bernard Lietaer, Henk van Arkel and more.

15-16 October 2015Monetary Policies in the Balkan Region.The Future of

Sustainable abundance provides humanity with the ability to flourish and grow materially, emotionally and spiritually without squandering resources from the future. -- -- -- Bernard Lietaer

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GEM: local currency in South-Africa – update July 2015

“While our teenage years are being fun and careless, we...

Mayor of Santa Coloma, Spain Signs Agreement to Introduce Local Digital Currency

The mayor of Santa Coloma, Nuria Parlon, signed today an...

Cyclos 4.4 released: New Milestone for Mobile banking

Cyclos 4.4 has some nice new features and many...

Bristol Pound in the race to launch the first Social Trade credit scheme

The Bristol Pound: The Bristol Pound is the UK’s first...

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