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Latest Additions to the CC Database:

  • tibex - Italiana, Italy
  • Nuevo - Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
    El nuevo es una moneda nueva en Guatemala, tiene 16 meses de estarse usando. No usamos vales ni monedas fisicas por temor a la falsificacion.
  • Estrela Community Exchange - Beiras, Portugal
    Accounting is based on the Community Currency module for Drupal. Rural, dispersed community of users (spread over a radius of 25km excluding outliers).
  • ZIPcoin - Lazio, Italy
  • Pendo - Pendo, Netherlands
    For more information about Pendo, is mechanics and intend please visit http:/
  • rCredits - Greenfield, MA, United States
    rCredits, "community-created credits for the common good", are designed to be a potential replacement for the current global economy. Any community can adopt rCredits progressively (one member at a time), for community-level economic democracy, using provided software and member cards. rCredits are currently all digital, accessed with a QR code on […]
  • Star Dollar - Untied States of America, United States
    this currency is for anyone in the United States and is backed by silver. the currency gets its value when the amount of currency generated is divided by how much USD worth of silver is stored in Star Treasury safes. right now this complementary currency is looking for members to start it up because the only member is the director as of 3/15/2015 star.treasu […]
  • Credits - Multiversum Online, Czech Republic
  • Alternative Choice - Global, Australia
    Still under development
  • Warren Money - Manjimup Shire, Australia
    The exchange rate will float controled by the proportion of local tax that must be paid in thee local currency The credit union will inform the what the proportion should be to keep the value of the Warren within 5% of the median wage in the Shire.. The shire will always have credit in local monet to carry out work requested by the elected council. mickgill@ […]

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