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This database collects statistical information on complementary currency systems and generates detailed reports on the state of these systems. We encourage all complementary currency systems, of all types, anywhere in the world, to record their information in this database, and we welcome your comments to improve the database, by sending an email to Stephen DeMeulenaere at stephen @

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Local Exchange System Community Country Registration
NA Switzerland 2017-08-12
Worldwide Switzerland 2017-08-12
Wales United Kingdom 2017-05-28
The Hague - Brussels - Lisbon Netherlands 2017-04-07
    Global financial currency
COOPEK France 2017-02-13
Worldwide United States 2017-02-07
Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Kenya 2017-01-28
Córdoba Argentina 2016-11-15
Worldwide Spain 2016-07-16
Deutschland Germany 2016-05-15
Cantabria Spain 2016-03-06
Zaragoza Spain 2016-02-18
München Germany 2016-02-10
Myyrmäen suuralue Finland 2016-01-29
  • Colu
    Block chain crypto-currency
Colu Israel 2016-01-26
Worldwide United States 2015-12-26
Greater Vancouver Canada 2015-12-18
Alaska United States 2015-12-17
bitcoin Community Israel 2015-12-15
Thames New Zealand 2015-12-14
  • Copín
    Community Exchange System
Asturias Spain 2015-12-14
CAMEROUNAISE South Africa 2015-12-14
Revelstoke Alternative Goods and Services Exchange Canada 2015-12-14
Comunidad Valenciana Spain 2015-12-08
St. James Barbados 2015-11-30
Hudson Valley United States 2015-11-17
Kalamaria/Thessaloniki Greece 2015-11-09
Global Spain 2015-11-05
  • BBX
    Commercial Exchange System
Global Hong Kong 2015-08-17
worldwide United States 2015-08-08
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