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The Complementary Currency Resource Center is a international, multi-lingual non-profit organization with the goal of providing knowledge, resources and assistance in the building of an economy of social and economic solidarity and appropriate development. We need your contributions, support and donations to keep it going.



All of the resources that you see on this site are provided free of charge. Visitors are not charged to edit, read, add to or use our content.   However, providing these services require many hundreds of hours and thousands of euros of work and investment in this effort, by a team of over 20 people.


The investment has been well worth it. Since earning the #1 position on Google for the keyword “complementary currency”, every this website receives over 1,000 unique visitors and hundreds of megabytes of information are downloaded and put to use in communities around the world. The demand for our services is pushing our servers and volunteer time committments to the limits, and to meet the demand we have opened a private consulting enterprise with Network Economy Consulting.


The application of community-based complementary currency exchange systems has been growing very rapidly worldwide over the past 10 years. The movement is maturing, and the concepts of interest-free money systems, socio-economic solidarity, inclusion and small-scale economic networks is increasing in importance. Until now, most projects were able to find funding relatively easily, but now some groups are having difficulty finding funding for their projects as the range of present funders is limited.

How your contribution will help


We intend to keep this website free of advertisement-related revenue generation. However, we rely on income to keep doing this work and to pay the necessary expenses.

Your contribution can also go towards our field projects in the third world through the MicroGrant Fund for the Promotion of Complementary Currency Systems, a competition for a grant of $500 USD to implement a Complementary Currency System in a developing country. Started in 2005, grants have been awarded to projects in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. A larger fund means we can support more projects in more developing countries.   All complementary currency systems are designed to be self-financing, as any stable economy should be. However, the startup phase requires some assistance and the targets for achieving sustainable self-financing must be met.   You can choose to target your contribution to the Complementary Currency Resource Center, or to the Microgrant Fund for the Promotion of Complementary Currency Systems by making your contribution and then emailing us to target your contribution.


If you are interest in becoming a larger-scale funder, donor, investor or supporter of complementary currency system projects, contact the Coordinator of this website, Stephen DeMeulenaere, who can assist you to find worthy larger-scale projects to support.   If you found these resources to be valuable, please consider making a contribution to keeping them available.   Do visit our Online Bookstore to add some great titles to your reading list or library.

Thank you for your support.

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Founder / Coordinator,

Complementary Currency Resource Center