We have an important announcement to make:

The global Mutual Aid Network (MAN) cooperative, the mother and connector of other MANs, which we have affectionately referred to as “The Main MAN”, has decided to rename itself.

We are now HUMANS. Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks.

It suddenly feels like a very important time to explicitly assert that we value and welcome all humans. Maybe there’s too much ‘main man’ vibe around in the world right now…

We know that most people would like to live in peace and abundance, and by knitting ourselves together in networks of mutual support we will replace the extractive, exploitative economy.

So our big global network designed to connect all of us around the world is now called HUMANs, instead of ‘the Main MAN’.

Mind you, our overall model is still called Mutual Aid Networks (MANs) and we arestill fully  committed to becoming the new The MAN, the one we all love to work for because it encompasses all of humanity, values all of our work, is The MAN by and for all of us.
Welcome, HUMANs!

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