It’s time for the Complementary Currency movement to form an Alliance.

For far too long, communities have kept their distance and interacted with others only when it was necessary and beneficial for them to do so. The result has been fragmentation of efforts, a lack of common understanding of key concepts, and very slow development progress compared to other similar movements such as the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency movements.

Despite several attempts at bridging the various challenges to creating an alliance: linguistic, geographic, financial, different types of systems, etc, our movement has yet to create an effective international association, compared to other movements for positive economic and social change like micro-finance, fair trade and the credit union movement. To establish a network of collective leadership of the CC Movement that represents region, gender, language and the many various types of system under one association.

This Alliance is comprised of Activity Groups, coordinated by a Leader’s Group.

Join the Alliance and Nominate your Candidate for the Leadership Group
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