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A look at participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Brazil’s mid-20th century military dictatorship (1965-1985) concentrated political and economic power within the federal government, leaving municipal authorities with little authority over local housing and urban development. Meanwhile, a high degree of economic inequality combined with the absence of land-use regulations encouraged the proliferation of “favelas” and other informal settlements.

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Racial justice and cooperatives: Q&A with United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives director Esteban Kelly

The worker cooperative movement seems to be gaining more prominence in the U.S., especially locally. “Altogether worker cooperatives represent a small part of the national economy. However, there may be a greater impact at the local level in areas where they are more concentrated,” a report by the Democracy at Work Institute, a worker cooperative advocacy group, noted.

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Civic sharing projects in Japan: Q&A with urban policy researcher Eguchi Shintaro

Egushi Shintaro is a researcher, author, and organizer, focusing on urban policy, rural revitalization, and civic economy projects. Originally from Fukuoka prefecture in the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, Shintaro is now based in Tokyo. He is a regular contributor to Forbes Japan and has published four books, the most recent of which he co-authored “Civic Economy in Japan,” which was released in 2016 and involved extensive field work across the country.

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Digital cash

By Edgar Wortmann, Ons Geld. Since its inception in 2012, IMMR member ‘Ons Geld’ advocates the introduction of digital cash. What is that, and why is it important? Edgar Wortmann (Ons Geld counselor and IMMR core-group member) explains it. Historically, money represents a ‘nominal’ and an ‘intrinsic’ value. A silver coin for instance, had the […]

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Bringing platform cooperatives to Japan: Q&A with Mathias Sager

The Platform Cooperative Japan Consortium (PCJ) is the first organization in Asia focused on promoting the idea of platform cooperatives — businesses that bring the structure of traditional cooperatives, including worker ownership and governance — to the digital world. PCJ was founded by Mathias Sager and is directly connected to the New York City-based Platform Cooperativism network (Shareable is a member of this cohort).

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Lieutenant General Russell L. Honoré (“The Ragin’ Cajun”) Named Keynote Speaker for IRTA’s 2018 Convention at Bally’s (Las Vegas)

IRTA is proud and excited to announce that the keynote speaker for this year’s 39th Annual International Convention will be a true American superstar, retired Lt. General Russell Honoré. Lt. General Honoré, (aka “The Ragin’ Cajun”), had a distinguished 37 year Army career. He is best known as the Commander of the Joint Task Force Katrina, the 33rd Commanding General …

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