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Festivities for £1 at the Pound

Join us for an evening of festive veggie and vegan goodness and cheer as we celebrate our one-year anniversary of being totally pay-what-you-can. On Thursday 13 December between 19:00 and 22:30, we invite you to our final community pay-what-you-can meal of the year. Eat delicious and healthy food for £1. As you’d expect from the […]

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Message from the future: 25,000€ for debt reduction

Brussels – EU Commissioner Varoufakis has announced a citizens’ dividend. For every European, € 25,000 is available for debt reduction. This follows the switch to the digital euro. Over 80% of all savings balances have now been converted. As of today, deposits are no longer freely available. The citizens’ dividend will be paid out in […]

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Thanksgiving Newsletter 2018

In the United States, the fourth Thursday in November is designated as Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday. Days of thanksgiving were variously celebrated in the colonies from very early times, but the national holiday we celebrate today was proclaimed in … Continue reading

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We really need you now! Mutual Aid for Social Justice – in Madison and beyond

Hi friends, I’m writing to ask you to help with our crowdfunding campaign for our Madison Wisconsin Mutual Aid Network pilot site – the Mutual Aid Workspace (the MAW) at the Social Justice Center, in the sincere belief that doing this successfully for us helps all our related projects more successfully build resources in the…

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Urgent Bulletin: The Hazards of Referring to Trade Dollars as Virtual or Digital Currencies

IRTA has been very clear that at present we are neither for, or against the potential future applications of cryptocurrency and/or blockchain technologies in the barter industry. IRTA continues to assess the opportunities cryptocurrency/blockchain technologies may offer. However, it’s also IRTA’s responsibility to alert the barter industry to the real and practical risks that barter exchanges take when they create …

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber

Stefan Brunnhuber is an economist, psychiatrist, a member of the Club of Rome and senator of the European Academy of Sciences. He is the medical director of the Diakonie-Klinik of Intergrative Psychatry in Dresden and Professor for Psychology and Sustainability at the University of Mittweida in Germany. More information and contact details can be found […]

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apl. Prof. Dr. Niko Paech

Niko Paech teaches at University of Siegen in Germany as part on their PluralistEconomics degree. He is an expert in Ecological Economics, Climate Change, Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Communication, Diffusion Theory, Innovation Management and Post-Growth Economics. More about his person, and his contact details, can be found at his personal profile on […]

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Dr. Philipp Degens

Philipp Degens is reseacher at the faculty of social sciences at Hamburg university. He studied history, sociology and ehtnology and economics at the Universtiy of Colon. For his doctoral thesis, he researched assigned meaning and use of regional currencies like the Brixton Pound, Stroud Pound (both in the UK) and the Vorarlbergtaler (Austria). Apart from […]

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Learn kimchi, pickling, sauerkraut and sodas before Christmas

We’re about to embark on a series of workshops taking place at the Brixton Pound in the lead-up to Christmas. We’re obsessed with pickling and fermenting as active ways to extend the lifespan of fresh food, save money and help diversify diet, and we’re doing a bi-weekly workshop (Wednesdays 7-9pm) demonstrating different techniques. Workshop dates […]

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