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To Create a Real Sharing Economy, Think Replication — Not Just Scale

When I began writing about the sharing economy in 2009, the eclectic array of struggling, communitarian-minded tech start-ups in San Francisco, California, were just one small part of a vast number of sharing innovations that made up what we at Shareable saw as an era-defining transformation in how people create value.

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How to Add the CES Mobile Site to the Home Screen on Any Smartphone or Tablet

Your smartphone or tablet’s home screen isn’t just for apps. Whatever platform you’re using, you can pin the CES mobile website to your home screen so you can quickly access it. Android Launch Chrome for Android and go to Tap the Chrome menu button and tap Add to homescreen. Enter CES for the shortcut […]

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Print Your Membership Card

A new function has been added to allow you to print a sheet of personalised membership cards for yourself. Such cards are useful at markets, where you should present yours to the seller to enter onto the trading sheet. Too often members forget their account numbers and then give someone else’s. This creates problems all […]

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Could the Marijuana Industry Bring Public Banking to California?

Marijuana-related businesses in California could play a role in shaking up the U.S. banking sector. Earlier this month, California’s state treasurer John Chiang called a meeting to explore the issue of banking access for businesses in the marijuana industry — and the possibility of doing it through a publicly-owned bank.

Chiang said that interest in public banking was gaining traction due to “a deep public dissatisfaction with our private banking system.”

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Britain 2018: Back to Pre-industrial times?

Written by Edward Smythe on August 16, 2017. Last December, in a Bank of England (BoE) speech entitled the ‘Spectre of Monetarism’(1), its governor Mark Carney said that ‘over the past decade real earnings have grown at the slowest rate since the mid-19th Century’. To...

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