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IRTA’s Convention a Smashing Success! Paul Bolte Elected Chairman of the Board

IRTA’s 38th Annual International Convention at the Grand Oasis Resort in Cancun. Mexico was a smashing success! Attendees gathered from all over the globe to participate in IRTA’s industry based educational, advocacy and exchange support services. Community Connect Trade Association’s Founder & CEO, Annette Riggs, received this year’s much deserved Barter Hall of Fame Award, and John Strabley, CEO of …

The post IRTA’s Convention a Smashing Success! Paul Bolte Elected Chairman of the Board appeared first on IRTA — International Reciprocal Trade Association.

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Our new feudal world order

Charles Hugh Smith’s article, Loving Our Debt-Serfdom: Our Neofeudal Status Quo, exposes the stark reality and brilliantly explains our current predicament. Smith begins by defining the terms, Neoliberal, Neocolonial, and Neofeudal, then goes on to explain how they operate in … Continue reading

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Niki Okuk on Cooperative Economics in African-American Communities

In her engrossing TED Talk, business owner Niki Okuk explores three key themes: racism, economic oppression, and privilege, and how they relate to cooperate economics. Okuk, who runs tire recycling company Rco Tires, shares her personal story of starting the business, but puts it in larger, historical context. “So a lot of people ask, ‘How did Rco come to be,'” Okuk says. “And I have to be really honest.

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