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Podcast: What is Universal Basic Income — And How Would it Work?

What if you were paid just for being alive? Just imagine — you are given a check every month for the rest of your life that’s enough to cover all of your basic needs. You wouldn’t be driving around in a Ferrari or eating avocado toast every day, but you’d be receiving enough to live relatively comfortably. And there’s absolutely nothing you would have to do in order to receive it. How would that change your life? What would you do differently? Close your eyes and just try to picture that for a second.

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Q&A: reSITE’s Martin Barry on Designing Sharing Cities in Europe

Earlier this summer, I was invited to lead a workshop at reSITE 2017: In/visible City, an annual conference in Prague, Czech Republic, that brings together 1,000 architects, municipal leaders, planners, students, and investors, to discuss how to create “liveable, competitive, and resilient” cities. This has become one of the key events of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum, a four-year project aimed at addressing the contemporary urban challenges of European cities.

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What is Exchange?

The word exchange appears frequently in the Community Exchange System but we rarely see it used in the regular economy. Is there no exchange in the mainstream economy; only buying and selling? From an early age we learn that if we can ‘get’ money then we can ‘get’ stuff. All through our school lives we […]

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Nothing normal about the “new normal”

Written by David Clarke on August 10, 2017. The Bank’s decision to keep interest rates at 0.25% last week may seem like business a usual. But there’s nothing normal about the way that monetary policy is operating at the moment. The longer the rates remain as low as...

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Ghent’s Quick Rise as a Sustainable, Commons-Based Sharing City

A renewable energy cooperative, a community land trust, and a former church building publicly-controlled and used by nearby residents — these are just a few examples of about 500 urban commons projects that are thriving in the Flemish city of Ghent in Belgium. A new research report shows that within the last 10 years, the city has seen a ten-fold increase in local commons initiatives. The report defines commons as any “shared resource, which is co-owned or co-governed by a community of users and stakeholders, under the rules and norms of that community.”

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3 Up-and-Coming Sharing Cities You’ll Want to Explore

More and more, we’re seeing community-based sharing projects around the world. While Seoul, South Korea, is often spotlighted as a model “Sharing City,” there are many others that have incredible sharing initiatives, including Berlin (Germany), Cape Town (South Africa), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). From tool libraries to car-sharing setups to projects linking dumpster divers with hungry vegetable lovers, these three cities have worked their way to the forefront of the global sharing ecosystem.

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Brixton Fund spotlight: Brixton Design Trail Pressgang

At our Brixton Fund event last month we funded six awesome local projects. One of those was the Brixton Design Trail Pressgang, a work experience project run by local youth employment enterprise Raw Talent. Founder Abigail believes that work experience is too often an uninspiring activity, and she’s on a mission to change that! The BDT […]

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