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Podcast: How Residents of an English Town Took Governance and the Local Economy Into Their Own Hands

The stories in this series come from a small town in the United Kingdom called Frome, but the themes and topics explored are global in scale, ranging from the Americas to the Himalayas. Despite its unique setting, nestled in the sleepy countryside of southeast England, Frome is a microcosm of much of what is taking place in towns and cities through the world. The voices of Frome tell stories that will sound familiar all across the globe, and if you listen closely, you just might hear your own story in there as well.

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New Feature: Shared Offerings

A new offering type has been added to the options when adding a new offering. In addition to local-currency-only, gift, swap, barter and mixed (local and national currencies), there is now a sixth offering type: shared. Description Shared offerings are where the advertiser invites others to share a resource, item, activity, experience or action, rather […]

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Photos from New Zealand tour

Hello! Hopefully you already know that I’m on a MAN tour of New Zealand. Lots of exciting stuff! I’m learning a lot and it looks like there will be plenty of Mutual Aid action around the country. And as usual, I don’t have time to type up all my notes. Still planning to, for sure….

The post Photos from New Zealand tour appeared first on Mutual Aid Networks.

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Join the Complementary Currency Alliance

It’s time for the Complementary Currency movement to form an Alliance. For far too long, communities have kept their distance and interacted with others only when it was necessary and beneficial for them to do so. The result has been fragmentation of efforts, a lack...

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Podcast: How Millennials Are Using Business as a Force for Good

In this episode of Next Economy Now, Ryan Honeyman, a partner and worker-owner at LIFT Economy, interviews Andrew Baskin, executive fellow at LIFT Economy. Baskin is currently finishing his bachelor’s of science in sustainable agriculture and food systems, with an emphasis in regenerative and cooperative economics, at the University of California, Davis. He represents a core constituency of millenials — young, passionate social entrepreneurs who are helping create ethical, sustainable businesses. 

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