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  • ACCESS Foundation

    The Access Foundation is an international, educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of mankind through the understanding and use of complementary monetary innovations.


  • Altruistic Economics

    We are an optimistic, positive community with members from both the under- and the over-developed world. We are united by our commitment that a money-centred struggle for personal gain is no way to make the world a better place. We try to ignore money but put people at the heart of what we do, concentrating on what will be of real benefit to others.


  • Barterfest

    Online barter exchange website with community currency, reputations, shops, and free listings.


  • Barterfest.com

    Global online barter system with trade currency, reputations, shops, and messaging. Free to join, post, and trade.


  • BRUSel

    Système d'échange local de Bruxelles


  • Calgary Dollars Website

    Calgary Dollars has 500 members, 1000 listings, and 7 staff funded as part of the City of Calgary. The website includes listings, dozens of articles, video, and grant applications.


  • CC and IT: The CC Syndicator

    ccSyndicator enables communities engaged in Complementary Currencies world-wide to collaborate, share, and celebrate their accomplishments.


  • Coin Academy

    The site to go to for Bitcoin Tutorials, Litecoin Tutorials, NXT Tutorials, and to learn about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


  • Community Currency

    The Community Currency Online Resource is part of a community arts project sponsored by Provisions Library in collaboration with the Floating Lab Collective. The goal of this resource is to document the Community Currency movement in the United States through images and stories that capture the voice and vitality of communities with the vision and courage to take charge of their social development by encouraging meaningful economic interactions. The images and information on this website were gathered by Roc Lee from sources around the internet and a survey instrument sent to Community Currency systems across the United States.


  • Crom Alternative Money

    Crom is arose as need to return to human dignity. The men are dignified as much as it is his price. There is one old saying reminds us that borrower is slave to the lender. How many dignified can be citizens as individuals and citizens as community, in the system which is fundament and basic link debit?


  • Cyfranogi

    Participatory society movement.


  • DiBuck: Inflation-proof virtual currency

    This site provides a virtual currency that is claimed to be resistant to inflation by virtue of it's absolute limitation of issue, and terms of use that prohibit fractional reserve banking.


  • Hometown Money book

    A new edition of my book "Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency" has just been issued. I'm founder of Ithaca HOURS.


  • http://www.tauschringe.info


    A small, illustrated brochure that provides an overview of the different systems which
    exist(ed) in this country.
    Apart from the English version (see also the ccLibrary - Community currencies in Germany) translations are available in French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and German.

    Tauschringe.info is one of the gateways to the "Tauschringe" in Germany.


  • InStroDI (español)

    Es nuestro placer comunicar a todos que el sitio web de InStrodi está ahora disponible también en español!

    El sitio contiene desde informaciones básicas sobre el instituto hasta informaciones detalladas sobre los proyectos y la metodologia, y será constantemente actualizado con las nuevas informaciones y conquistas del instituto.

    Les invitamos a visitarlo y a divulgarlo cada vez más a todos los interesados en países de lengua española. Preguntas y sugestiones serán siempre bienvenidas!


  • Interest-Free Money

    Campaign for Interest-Free Money and links to related Campaigns and their activities


  • LETS Europe: Resources for LETS Administrators

    This site is a tool for the European (or maybe even for the International) LETS community. It is an interactive site, starting with information on legal aspects and LETS-software...


  • LETSlink UK

    This is the national site for LETSlink UK, which has occasional input of events and news items. There is some archived material and a map of links to local schemes in the UK, which is still being built and once this is complete we hope to set up a more comprehensive regional site. We are also discussing new approaches and methodologies on www.letslink.org.


  • Living Economies

    The website is designed to be the official portal of Living Economies/The Stable Money Trust. The intention is to provide information on Living Economies issues in general and complementary currencies, interest-free banking and other issues in particular.


  • online money transfer

    Safe online money transfer with Obopay.com. Transfer money by cell phone or web. Apply now


  • P2P Exchange Infrastructure Projects

    Here are projects that seek to create an underlying infrastructure for p2p-based exchanges, monetary, gift, or otherwise.


  • Rheingold, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Hompepage of the complementary currency system named RHEINGOLD. In implementation in the area of Düsseldorf, Germany


  • SELAtlas

    Système d'échange local d'Anderlecht à Bruxelles


  • Social Currency



    This proposal will end the so called "Fractional reserve banking" system.
    Allowing private banks to create new money out of nothing deprives the government off a special profit.
    This special profit is called "seignorage" and, in our view, belongs to the people.


  • Social Forge

    Socialforge.net is a collaborative laboratory of social research and action, a multilingual meeting place for all those who are interested to make the world a better place to live and to directely act, as individuals, for a positive social change.


  • Social Trade Game

    STRO (Social Trade Organisation) has developed a game based on a simple, first version of a simulation model. In this game the player is the manager of a C3 network. A C3 is a business network of independent companies using a complementary currency (Internal Liquidity).


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