What Are Complementary Currencies?

Complementary Currencies are monetary networks that operate in complement to the national currency, and generally below the national level. Groups, neighbourhoods, communities, towns, cities, regions and provinces can design and implement their own complementary...
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Start Your Own Complementary Currency

The Complementary Currency Resource Center is the place to go for all the resources, information and support you need to design and implement your own complementary currency system.
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Complementary Currency Systems Worldwide

The CC Database, designed by the CC Resource Center, is your source for detailed information on Complementary Currency Systems worldwide.
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Complementary Currency Research Group

The CC Research Group was formed by Stephen DeMeulenaere in 2002 to bring students, academics, authors, researchers and others interested in a deeper understand into the philosphy, theory, design and analysis of complementary currency systems.
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“We need not petition Congress and we need not waste time to denounce bankers, for they can neither help nor hinder our natural right to extend credit to each other, and this is the perfect basis for a money system.” 

E.C. Riegel (1879-1953)

The New Approach to Freedom

What We Do

We’re an international, multi-lingual, cross-disciplinary network of mutually-supportive monetary activists, promoters, practitioners, coders, researchers and change makers.

We collaborate on the design, implementation, research, training and dissemination of best practices in complementary currency systems.

Does this sound like you? Join Us!

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Upcoming Events

10-14 May 2017
4th International Conference on Social & Complementary Currency Systems in Barcelona, Spain

12 December 2016
Money and Society Summit in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

6 October 2016
DigiPay 4 Growth Conference in Vienna, Austria.

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The CC Resource Center welcomes your contributions in Time, Complementary Currency and Bitcoin.

Please contact us for more information.

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Latest Additions to the Complementary Currency Library and Database

Latest Additions to the CC Library

Latest Additions to the CC Database

Latest News from the World of Complementary Currencies

Barter Professionals Know the Value and Benefits of IRTA Conventions!

Smart barter professionals know the benefits they get from attending IRTA conventions. Those positive take-aways result in better customer service and an improved bottom line for their barter businesses. Just read the glowing endorsements from attendees of last year’s Annual IRTA International Convention in Riviera Maya: You too can experience the real benefits from attending an IRTA convention! This year’s …

The post Barter Professionals Know the Value and Benefits of IRTA Conventions! appeared first on IRTA — International Reciprocal Trade Association.

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Bank Robbery: Why are banks allowed to create money?

Written by Ivo Mosley (Guest Author) on June 17, 2017.Imagine a world where huge amounts of money are created out of nothing for private profit and destroyed again once profit is taken, so that new money can be created again (and again, and again) – for private...

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UC Committee Passes New Rule Regarding Booking Fees, Room Taxes, and Cleaning Fees

The UC Committee met recently to discuss the rise of cash booking fees on UC, and the handling of room taxes and cleaning fee charges. Historically, in the U.S., room taxes and reasonable cleaning fees have customarily been paid in cash. However, the industry (& UC), have seen an increase in exchanges charging cash booking fees. As a result, the …

The post UC Committee Passes New Rule Regarding Booking Fees, Room Taxes, and Cleaning Fees appeared first on IRTA — International Reciprocal Trade Association.

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Citizen’s income – can it work?

Written by Positive Money on June 16, 2017.Positive Money and AntiUniversity’s ‘Citizen’s Income’ Panel Discussion: Sunday 11th June 2017 – Report by Rebecca Zack There was an air of positive expectation rising from the crowd of over eighty at Positive Money’s...

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Why the Bank of England’s tools are broken

Written by Fran Boait on June 15, 2017.The Bank of England has voted to keep interest rates at 0.25% today. Currently, the policies of low rates and quantitative easing are designed to keep households and businesses borrowing. But as the weak pound makes imports more...

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Podcast: How the Regenerative Finance Collective Distributes Wealth and Power

In this episode of Next Economy Now, Ryan Honeyman, a partner and worker-owner at LIFT Economy, interviews Kate Poole, who co-leads Regenerative Finance, a collective of young people with wealth working to shift control of capital to communities most affected by racial, economic, and climate injustices. Poole is also a member-leader of Resource Generation, which works to redistribute land, wealth, and power.

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Why the Open Access Movement in Agriculture Matters

Western discourse around open access has largely been restricted to academic, scholarly communications circles. In fact, many friends and colleagues have told me they first encountered open access when, after graduating from university, they were confronted with the fact they no longer had access to school databases; or when online article searches reached the dead-end prompt “click here to pay for access.”

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Greece workshop starts Friday

The start of our workshop, Monetary and Financial Innovation for the New Economy, is just a few days away but there is still space available and enough time to make travel arrangements. Here are some additional details about what you … Continue reading

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