The Complementary Currency Resource Center is at the center of a network of community developers, social entrepreneurs, researchers, writers, authors, academics and students working on complementary currency systems to improve the lives of the people and the economy around them.


 2012-2015 Projects:

– Revising and Upgrading the International Database of Complementary Currency Systems

– Co-managing the CC Research Group, initiated by the CC Resource Center and now part of the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) Alliance.

– Assisting all queries for assistance, information and further research.


Our Ongoing Activities since 1995 include:


–  The CC Helpdesk, helping you to design and implement a CC System.
–  The CC Research Group, bringing together academics, researchers, students, authors etc. to advance the field, share and publish their research.   Our Main Projects at present are to concretize the actual number of Complementary Currency Systems Worldwide and to develop systems which can make the information-gathering process easier for Communities, Companies, Software Providers and others. The purpose is to establish a very clear snapshot of the total number of systems, their varying types and locations around the world.
–  The CC Database, which collects data on CC systems around the world.
–  The CC Library, which is an online library of documents and materials.
–  The CC Gallery, which is an online gallery of images from CC systems.
–  The Microgrant Fund for CC Systems, which is a small fund to help systems get started. The Fund stopped in 2009 due to a lack of financial support, but will restart as soon as we receive your donation.
–  Facilitating International Networking, in collaboration with those working with CC systems, to meet and share experiences and build a system for implementing best practices.
–  Providing Assistance as needed to people all around the world.


 Our Projects need both Individual and Institutional Support. Email the Resource Center Coordinator directly at [email protected] to discuss how you can support us financially.