UC set a new all-time trading record for the
month of January by recording 1,859,677 of transactions in January of 2017!

In 2016, UC recorded over 12,967,793 of trading – the highest annual trade volume in UC’s entire twenty year history!

UC has clearly established itself as the most important inter-exchange trading platform in the barter industry. UC gives trade exchanges a thriving alternative marketplace to significantly increase their trade volume and expand the buying and selling options for their member businesses. UC is now doing the kind of trade volume that its founders always envisioned when UC was formed back in 1997.

If you aren’t currently a member of UC – it’s time you joined UC and IRTA!
Go to www.ucci.trade today to join UC!
Go to www.irta.com today to join IRTA!

For questions about UC contact Patty Weston at patty@irta.com or at 407-951-6797.
For questions about IRTA contact Ron Whitney at ron@irta.com or at 757-393-2292.



Ron Whitney
UC Administrator & IRTA President & CEO

Patty Weston
UC International Broker & IRTA Project Manager

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