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    Cyclos 4 communities is an online service that allows communities to create their own currency network in a few simple steps. Each community will get their own website with a built-in content management system (CMS). Users can make payments to other users or to the community account. Currently two monetary models are available. Mutual credit (negative credit limit for user balances) and Initial credit (common banking). Various features are available such as an online marketplace, references, messages, alerts and notifications.


Video Library

Complementary & Alternative Currency Video Library

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Wall Street Journal Online – The Coming Currency Revolution


MetaCurrency: Open Transport from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

MetaCurrency: Open Rules from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

MetaCurrency: Open Data from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Open Money: Part 1 from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Open Money: Part 2 from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Open Money: Part 3 from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Open Money: Part 4 from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Open Money: Part 5 from alan rosenblith on Vimeo.

Wealth of Neighbours (Trailer)

Jai Complementary Currency Marketplace, Thailand

Bernard Lietaer interview.

American Response to the Great Depression

The Wirtschaftsring in Switzerland, WIR.

BBC TVE Earth Report on the Tianguis Tlaloc.

Pig Tusks and Paper Money, ABC Australia.

The Boon Kud Chum Marketplace, Thailand

Money and Merit – Boon Kud Chum 1/4

Money and Merit – Boon Kud Chum 2/4

Money and Merit – Boon Kud Chum 3/4

Money and Merit – Boon Kud Chum 4/4

Hanbat LETS, South Korea, 1/2

Hanbat LETS, South Korea, 2/2

Tianguis Tlaloc, Mexico, 1/3

Tianguis Tlaloc, Mexico, 2/3

Tianguis Tlaloc, Mexico, 3/3

Calgary Dollars at the Arusha Center

Calgary Dollars on City TV.

The Money Fix (Trailer)

BCI Barter Commercial – Poland – (English language)

Before Mastercard there was Barter.

Text-A-Payment in the Philippines.

Author Michael Schuman on the Small-Mart Revolution.

Berkshares on ABC News.

About Banco Palmas and their project in collaboration
with the Strohalm Foundation and SEBRAE.

Hugo Chavez introduces the concept of
complementary currency to an audience.
(Spanish Only)

Venezuela – La Parte Roja (Capitulo 1)

Venezuela – La Parte Roja (Capitulo 2)

Money as Debt – Introduction

Money as Debt – by Paul Grignon

Ithaca Hours a RAI Report


L’Esperienza delle monete complementari in Germania


Los Valores de Nuestro Pueblo

Chavez y el Trueque

Atom Tsuka and Machizukuri
We investigated how the regional currency called Atom Tsuka is used and how people are cooperating to build the community

Dual Currency Systems designs money for new paradigm

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freicoinFreicoin: a peer-to-peer digital currency delivering freedom from usury

Freicoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) currency based on the accounting concept of a proof-of-work block chain used by Satoshi Nakamoto in the creation of Bitcoin.

Unlike Bitcoin, Freicoin has a demurrage fee that ensures its circulation and bearers of the currency pay this fee automatically. This demurrage fee was proposed by Silvio Gesell to eliminate the privileged position held by money compared with capital goods, which is the underlying cause of the boom/bust business cycle and the entrenchment of the financial elite, and has been tested several times with positive results.

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