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About Us
Rural northeast Thailand, where I was part of a team implementing a CC system (1998-2006).

Rural northeast Thailand. The sign reads “Bank of Bia Kud Chum”.

Hello, and welcome!

I’m Stephen DeMeulenaere and I’ve been working with complementary currency systems since 1991. I’ve worked with a wide variety of systems in a whole lot of places around the world.

I started first in Canada with the Victoria Local Exchange Trading System, where I helped the system to correct an imbalance and became the administrator until 1997. During that time, I was researching and assisting projects in Mexico and Argentina, then Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, and many other countries.

In the course of my work in the early 1990s, I started compiling digital documents about complementary currencies and putting them online at the start of the internet era, so that we could more quickly and easily share information and work together.

The Complementary Currency Resource Center, launched in 2002, incorporated resources from the “Community Currencies in the Global South” website which I launched around 1995, and the “Appropriate Economics” website, which was launched around 1999.

Indonesia Community Currencies

At a workshop I facilitated in Indonesia in 2001.

From the very beginning I have been “currency and system agnostic” which means I support and include all kinds of complementary currencies, which 20 years ago meant 2 or three relatively similar kinds of systems to the dozens of different systems we see today.

Consulting & Advising Services

I support my contribution to this field by providing Consulting & Advisory Services.


Over the past 25 years, I’ve assisted a broad range of community and complementary currency systems, community organizations, commercial exchange systems, enterprise networks and clusters, regional and national governments, banks and electronic transaction technology firms.

I’m experienced with the Cyclos payments platform and others, I’m also a certified Digital Currency Professional with the Digital Currency Council in New York.

The kinds of things I can help you and your community with are:


1. Pre-Implementation Assistance. This can mean feasibility studies, business plans and break-even calculations, cost-recovery & income generation methodologies, etc.


1 IMG_5327_med2. Strategic Analysis and System Design. This involves research, workshops and simulations with clients and target groups to determine the type of system that would be most suitable (and sustainable) to implement. This is a more advanced step in our pre-implementation assistance program.


3. System Assessments and Analysis. For systems that have already started, we conduct performance assessments and provide an analysis that can help your system to improve its operations or generate increased revenue. This can also include the physical assessment of enterprise cluster, value chain and network flow operations.


4. Technical Assistance & Technology Sourcing. New technologies are emerging fast, we stay on top of these trends so the technology you choose will last as long as possible and not become outdated within a year or two. The opposite can also be beneficial: use of older technologies may be perfectly suited to the task and be much cheaper to implement than a new technology. We help you to determine which is best suited to your task.


me la fabrica

At a RGT Market in Buenos Aires, 1999.

5. Administration, Management, Policy, Legal Assistance. Reducing unnecessary overhead improves your financial bottom line. We help develop systems and structures that minimize costly expenses while improving the delivery of services to your customers. Our experience in ensuring the legal operations of network economy systems can help you get all the information you need from your legal assistance.


6. Ongoing Advisory Services. Contracting me on a long-term basis brings many value-added benefits to your operations. Our experience working with Boards of Directors can help you to deliver your vision to the market.


My Background with Complementary Currencies

My work with Complementary Currency Systems started first in Canada, then took a third-world focus,

At a funeral, receiving the shared issuance of traditional currency in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

At a funeral, receiving the shared issuance of traditional currency in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

bringing me to Mexico, Argentina, Japan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Senegal and East Timor/Timor Leste.


I have presented at Universities and conferences in France, China, Netherlands, California, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Senegal, and have published over 25 articles on the subject for academic journals, magazines and other publications.


My work has been featured in “The Future of Money” by Bernard Lietaer, “The End of Money and the Future of Civilization” by Thomas Greco, and in, “Healthy Money, Healthy Planet” by Diedre Kent. One of my more recent writings is a contribution on Bali’s ancient monetary system to Bernard Lietaer and Stephen Belgin’s “New Money for a New World”, as well as in “Rethinking Money: How New Currencies turn Scarcity into Prosperity” by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, and mentioned in “The Anti-Capitalism Reader: Imagining a Geography of Opposition” by Joel Schalt as well as in Counted Out: Challenging Poverty and Social Exclusion : a Resource for Teachers, by Sandra Gowran.


Working with a Credit Union in Yogyakarta, Central Java, 2002-2006.

Working with a Credit Union in Yogyakarta, Central Java, 2002-2006.

My work to design and implement a complementary currency system in Java, Indonesia, was recognized among the finalists for the 2007 Untenguggenberger Preis in Austria for the promotion of new monetary systems, and my work with the Doole exchange system in Dakar, Senegal was recognized as a finalist in the 1999 World Bank Development Marketplace. My design for a Disaster Recovery Currency was recognized as a finalist in the 2006 Ashoka Foundation/Changemakers competition, and my design for a Revolving Savings and Microfinance lending circle, using a traditional Indonesian game, was very successfully implemented by the French Aid Organization Triangle in Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia, the epicenter of the 2004 tsunami disaster.


I’m on the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Community Currency Research Academic Journal, the first journal to publish research on alternative, community, complementary and digital currencies at the University of East Anglia.


I’m a colleague of Monneta (Money Network Alliance for the Research and Development of Complementary Currencies) in Germany, and a fellow at Qoin in the Netherlands. I’m also an Advisory Board Member in New Money Systems at the Lifeboat Foundation and for Asia Pacific at Cryptor Trust, Inc, and also a Subject Matter Expert at Coin Telegraph.


bia display

A display of Community Currency in Thailand, 2003.

I like Digital Currencies as well, and am a Certified Digital Currency Professional with the Digital Currency Council and Co-Founder of Coin Academy.


View my full profile at Linkedin.


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