Full List of Features

Mobile Banking

Use our native mobile app, available from the Apple or Google store. Or use SMS or USSD for feature phones if needed.

App Fingerprint Access

App can be easily unlocked with a fingerprint-enabled device.

Open API & RESTful

Merchants can easily accept payments through a variety of standard Point of Sale devices.

Bank-Grade Security

Full European-Standard Banking Security Requirements, used by banks worldwide.

Multiple Transaction Types

Provide a wide variety of transaction types, including automated transactions for scheduled savings and payments.

Single-to-Multiple Transactions

Send multiple transactions at once, such as for a Universal Basic Income.


Users can mark their location on a map to make delivery or meeting easy.

Detailed User Functions

Users have full control over their own accounts with detailed options.

Alerts & Error Reporting

Receive notifications in case of alerts and errors in the system.

Team Roles

Assign roles to the administration team with corresponding levels of access to the platform.

Brokers & Trade Agents

Activate your most supportive members to strengthen the community and the local economy.

Online Banking

Cyclos offers a secure and reliable banking/payment platform, which can easily be customized according to your requirements.

E-Commerce Marketplace

Offer your customers a complete marketplace and even their own webshop.

Rapid Payments with NFC & Cards

Merchants can easily accept nfc payments with their mobile app or generate a QR code.

Multiple Currencies

Implement one or many currencies to facilitate different types of exchange.

Multiple Fee Types

Implement unique fee methods to incentivize participation and charge fees accordingly.

Detailed Analytics & Reports

Receive detailed reports on a wide variety of system functions to give you a full overview

Person-to-Person Chat

Community members, buyers and sellers can message each other securely and privately.

Full Secure Passwords & Authentication

Full set of password and authentication methods, depending on the level of security required.

WooCommerce Integration

Integrate WooCommerce directly into Cyclos.

Loyalty Rewards & Coupons

Issue loyalty points and distribute rewards and coupons to community members.

Close Support

The Qoin team is ready to assist you whenever required, and on a regular basis.


Cyclos 4 has been built on Java enterprise technologies. The client connects to a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) front end application or through one of the interfaces (see below). The application server is protected by a solid security layer and uses the Spring Framework. The services on the application server uses JPA (aided by Querydsl) to communicate with a PostGres Database server. All transactions are stored as double entry bookings in the accounting system. Cyclos can run as stand alone system independently from other currency systems. There is an option to store files (e.g. documents, pictures, other file uploads) in a external file system (not in the Cyclos database). Amazon S3 storage service is also supported.

Hosting requirements

Cyclos can run on a web container such as Apache Tomcat and Jetty, or application servers such as Glassfish, JBoss, IBM Websphere and Oracle Weblogic. The database for Cyclos is the Open Source database PostgreSQL. Cyclos is also available as a Docker image at the public Docker repository. The minimal memory space requirements to run a single Cyclos instance is 500 Mb.

Interoperability (interfaces)

To communicate with third party software products, the entire internal services layer can be accessed through a web service API (Application Programming Interface). This will make all Cyclos features available to third parties. Native Java clients can connect directly via Java remoting over HTTP(S). Clients in other languages can use an API with JSON messages over HTTP(S). Cyclos has a RESTful web services interface that implements the OpenAPI specification. There is also a PHP client library available which mirrors the services API. In case third party software requires specific interface services other than the available Cyclos API formats, a 'custom web service' can be created to provide those methods.


Since the beginning the Cyclos development team followed the security guidelines defined by the ISO 27002 and EBA (European Banking Authority) standards. The code is constantly tested by an advanced set of automated security tests. Permissions and roles are checked on every request at the internal services level. The following security areas / points have been addressed: ・ Confidentiality, integrity, authenticity are guaranteed by security checks in combination with http secure (https) ・ Resistance to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections ・ All passwords hashed with ‘salted’ SHA2 ・ All identifiers are ciphered when sending to client (browser) ・ Use of cookies limited to user session ・ Security alerts for administrators ・ Verbose logging including operation data, users, timestamp ・ IP whitelist ・ URL restriction per group Licensees can get access to an advanced security document, published on our wiki.

Scalability & Availability

The Cyclos application supports full clustering (application web container). The database has been optimised to support database clustering and synchronous replication.

Our decades of experience worldwide together with international-standard banking software are the key to success when implementing a complementary currency.

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