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*Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2014 E-payment Innovation Award WINNER

From Hundreds to Millions of Users

Neighbourhood Scale

Start small with a group of people you know, and develop the organization, governance and impact you want to achieve before scaling up. Great for clubs, local markets, community revitalization efforts.

There are 3,500 Communities using Cyclos Worldwide

Town & Municipality Scale

For towns and municipalities with a population of hundreds to thousands of users, create a network to support local businesses and organizations rather than let local wealth drain out. Chamber of Commerce, downtown core, social cohesion.

There are 3,500 Communities using Cyclos Worldwide

City Scale

For suburban and urban areas with multiple neighborhoods and towns, each with their own character, but sharing an inter-connecting currency. From thousands to hundreds of thousands of users. Encourage revitalization and circulation.

There are some 25 cities using Cyclos Worldwide

Regional Scale

For regions, states and provinces with hundreds of thousands to millions of users, our software is able to handle the transaction load stably and securely, with many different currencies, and types of currencies. Connect cities, towns and neighborhoods across the region.

There are 3 regions using Cyclos Worldwide

A Full Range of Features

Online Banking

Mobile Banking


QR Code Payments

E-Commerce Marketplace

Fingerprint Access

Open API & RESTful

Bank Grade

Highly Configurable

Multiple Currencies

Many Transaction Types

Many Fee


Loyalty Points

Detailed Analytics

Full Language Localization


Send Multiple Transactions

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Why Should You Use Cyclos?

Our decades of experience combined with the best-in-class software, makes Qoin the leading design and implementation organization in the complementary currency field.

From a loyalty program for small businesses, a currency for a neighbourhood marketplace, a local crowdfunding platform, a time-exchange network, Cyclos can handle it all.

However, it takes funding, a good leader and team, clear and open governance and a supportive community to make it successful.

Does your community have this? If so, let's begin.

Focus On Your Community

Save time with a multitude of styled components designed to showcase your content

Save Development Time & Cost

Construct mockups or production-ready pages in-browser with Variant Page Builder

Receive Ongoing Support

Take comfort in 6 months included support with a dedicated support forum

The Largest City Currency in the UK

At the Bristol Pound we encourage people to spend their money with local businesses in Bristol and the surrounding region, to stimulate and generate a stronger local to regional economy. Our target population is around 1 million people making us the largest scheme of its kind in the UK. We spent a year researching what system would cope with our ambitions, talking to many experts in the field.
In the end Cyclos was the only contender.
Bristol Pound Complementary Currency

Our decades of experience worldwide together with international-standard banking software are the key to success when implementing a complementary currency.

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