Projects of the Complementary Currency Resource Center


The Complementary Currency Resource Center is part of a network of community developers, social entrepreneurs, researchers, writers, authors, academics and students working on complementary currency systems to improve the lives of the people and the economy around them. 1995 – 2002 Projects:

  • Collect & digitize materials.
  • Translate materials from English to French, Spanish, German, etc and from these and other languages to English, to start building links between practitioners in various countries.
  • Form discussion groups to increase communication & sharing of efforts and best practices.

2002-2012 Projects:

  • Design an initial typology of money, used to create the CC Database.
  • Design and program the CC Database.
  • Design and implement an open CC Library and CC Gallery, which would allow anyone to contribute documents, document links and images as well as image links to other sites.
  • Launch a CC Research Group to increase the development of higher-level knowledge about complementary currency systems, encourage academic-level research and provide support to academics and professors who were writing and teaching about them in their courses.
  • Creating a Help Desk to assist communities and groups to implement their own CC systems, and to assist those who
  • Creating a MicroGrant Fund for CC Systems (2002-2007) which gave small grants to groups working to implement a complementary currency system.

 2012-2015 Projects:

  • Revising and upgrading the CC Database
  • Co-managing the CC Research Group, initiated by the CC Resource Center and now part of the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) Alliance.
  • Assisting all queries for assistance, information and further research.

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