Thanks to the Contributors to the Complementary Currency Resource Center

This website, is not the products of one person, but of a team working together to build two large, useful and popular websites. They deserve to be named and given credit for their contributions to these websites and to the complementary currency movement.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • Steve Shorter and Erik Stainsby, who provided the original domain name: and server space for free for 5 years, and together with Chris Hohner, encouraged me to learn html and how to manage an apache server.
  • Thomas Greco and Bernard Lietaer, who support and encouraged me since the early 1990s with friendship and collaboration on promoting the application of complementary currencies in a third world context.
  • Henk van Arkel, Peter Moers, Roder van Arkel, Jaap Vink, and colleagues at Strohalm (STRO), who helped to define useful and practical applications for the websites and give regular feedback on it.
  • Albert Fløde, who volunteered to build the ccDatabase, ccGallery, ccLibrary and ccLinks php/mysql programs.
  • Matthew Slater, who helped fix errors in the code and make sure that everything was running right.
  • Jan Montoya, for encouraging me and assisting me with the 2015 redesign of the site.
  • Those who translated the ccDatabase into their language:
    • German: Ludwig Shuster, Paul Aron
    • Japanese: Yasuyuki ‘Miguel’ Hirota
    • Portuguese: Daniel Tygel, Camilo Ramada
    • Spanish: Mario Moura, Daniel Tygel, Monica Ara
    • French: Lucie Contet, Susan Germano, Andreia Pedro
    • Dutch: Gerard van der Rijst
    • Thai: Jim Puntasen
    • Italian: Mohsin Jaffer

      I would also like to thank those colleagues, too many to be named, who have offered their documents for the Library or Materials section, and those who have collaborated with me to contribute new documents to the website, or sent in their constructive criticisms and feedback, and kind words of encouragement.

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