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Who Are We?
What Can We Do For You?

We help cities and communities around the world to incentivize the social and ecological citizenship needed to build healthy city environments.

Our Core Team


Stephen DeMeulenaere

Asia & North America

Stephen has 30 years of experience in the field, focusing on developing countries, social impact, cryptocurrencies and software development.


Andreu Honzawa

Latin America & Africa

Andreu has 20 years experience in the field, focusing on city-scale currencies, time banks, cryptocurrencies and regulatory compliance

Collaborating With You

Our team of deeply-experience experts from around the world provide a wide range of services
that benefit communities, cities, businesses, organizations and governments

Qoin Complementary Currency

Evaluation & Advising

If your system is facing challenges, our team of expert practitioners with decades of experience can help you find the solutions you need, and fast. Software issues, cost-recovery issues, image issues are our specialties.

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Qoin Complementary Currency

Workshops & Training

We have delivered workshops and trainings on all aspects of complementary currency systems, through design, implementation, administration, evaluation, and strategic growth in many countries worldwide.

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Qoin complementary currency

Software Implementation

New software products are being developed to meet the needs of complementary currency systems in any context. Talk with us to see what we offer to improve the services you are delivering to your communities.

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Strategic Planning

Complementary Currency systems have come a long way in the past 3 decades, and now with the invention of cryptocurrencies, the opportunities are even greater. Talk with us about how we can help you to plan for the future.

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How We Begin

Every city is different in a million different ways. We listen to you then we start to find ways
to support what you have started, and to add new elements to strengthen them.

Introductory Conversation

Let's jump on a call together. We'll start by listening to you and then tell you about some of the ways that we can be of assistance, support or full-scale collaboration. It's best if you start by sending an email to info@qoin.org

Collaboration Plan

Together we develop a collaboration plan and start to expand on the elements of the plan. We develop an idea of the scope and timeline of the projet overall, and the individual piees and put these into a formal proposal for your approval.

Tokenization Workshop

We often find it helps to get everyone on the same page by holding a Tokenization Workshop in your community. Depending on various factors, this could be anywhere from 3-7 days, where we take you through Qoin's rigorous Token Design Methodology.

Project Implementation

Once we are all on the same page about what needs to be done, we then start to implement the project as structured and agreed, along with some flexibility in case new elements come into play. Our Token Design Methodology has grown to handle nearly every kind of possibility.

Recent & Current Projects

Our Team of consultants is based in Asia, North America and Europe, and we reach
Africa and Central & South America as well.

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    Solidaridad, Lusaka, Zambia

    Incentivization Training
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    DLBC, Lisbon, Portugal

    Incentivization for Neighbourhood Revitalization
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    Hudson Valley Current, New York, USA

    Upgrading Transaction Platform Software

Our decades of experience worldwide together with international-standard banking software are the key to success when implementing a complementary currency.

Let's introduce you to our payments platform

Our Payments platform