Why Ads?

Why are there Ads on the Complementary Currency Resource Center website?

It’s simple really, we need to at least cover the cost of our website & database server, at the very least. I also spend hundreds of hours each year contributing in numerous ways.

I’ve tried a variety of methods to cover the costs. I’ve sought donations, sponsorships, consulting, crowdfunding, and shameless begging…

It didn’t work.
I have to do something…



Monetization Plan:

  1. Advertising. I will remove ads as soon as financial contributions start coming in.
  2. Fees for services provided via the Startup Support page.
  3. Seeking Sponsorships. See our list of past sponsors.
  4. Speaking, Training, Consulting and other services.

How you may contribute:

  1. I accept contributions in bitcoin, complementary currency and national (fiat) currency.
  2. I also accept in-kind contributions, including but not limited to:
    • Transportation to attend conferences (air & ground).
    • Contributions of souvenirs, such as printed currency samples.
    • Accommodation & travel support.

    Thank you to those who have donated in-kind in the past!

  3. Speaking, Training & Consulting opportunities. I’m also very good at wordpress, SEO and a whole lot of other things. (Yes, I can be hired!)

Please contact me directly to discuss this in detail, or if you have a better idea of how to find the support I need, email me at stephen at complementarycurrency.org

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